TERHO ry is the student organization for students of Department of Health and Social Management and the Department of Nursing Science, students of Health Promotion and MDP in Public Health at the Kuopio campus of UEF. We work for promotion of interests and organize own events such as sport events, restaurant evenings and Spring Break at Tahko. We have a sport booking with nutrition student’s organization Retikka ry twice a week in Studentia. Our members are free to hang out in our “club house” Terhoroom in Canthia and drink coffee for free.

All the international students studying in mentioned Departments or programmes are welcome to TERHO, including exchange students. At the moment, majority of our members are Finnish but we would like to be a more international student organization. You can join by paying the membership fee to our account. The fee is 35€ and it is paid only once during the study time in UEF.


IBAN: FI45 4600 0010 6392 56 Säästöpankki
Receiver: Terho ry
Message field: Your name, home city in Finland, study programme in UEF and your email address
Email: terhonhallitus@lists.uef.fi
Instagram @terhory
Facebook: TERHO ry